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How can I get the services of TOYOTA comfort?

Using TOYOTA comfort services is simple:

To get the service, you need to call at the phone number of Toyota Center Tegeta 2292000


When can I get TOYOTA comfort services?

It is possible to use the services: from Monday to Friday, inclusive from 09:00 to 17:00, on Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00.


How will my vehicle be transported to the center of Toyota Teget Center?

The consumer can himself decide how to transport his vehicle: with the assistance of a service center adviser or by vehicle carrier.

If you intend to transport the vehicle to the center with the assistance of our service center adviser, he will arrive at the address you specified, take the vehicle and ensure its transportation to the Toyota Center Tegeta. It should be noted that the vehicle is insured during transportation.


Will I be provided with information on what types of services were provided to my vehicle?

After your vehicle is arrived at Toyota Center Tegeta, first of all diagnostics will be performed. The service center adviser will inform you by telephone regarding the errors identified as a result of diagnostics, a list of work to be performed and the cost of services.  Only the service to which you consent in telephone conversation with the service center adviser will be provided to the vehicle.


How can I pick up my vehicle?

After the vehicle repair is completed, you can pick it up yourself or ask the service center adviser to deliver the vehicle to the address you specified. Please note that you can pick up your vehicle only after paying the cost of the work performed. 


Where can I get TOYOTA comfort services?

You can get Toyota comfort services on a scale of Tbilisi and its surroundings, including: Mtskheta, Tskneti, Kojori, Kiketi, Lilo and Rustavi.


How much does TOYOTA comfort service cost?

In case of transportation of a vehicle by a service adviser to or from the center on a scale of Tbilisi, the cost of service is 10 GEL, in case of using a vehicle carrier, the cost of the service advisor will be added by the cost for service of a vehicle carrier - 50 GEL. Outside Tbilisi, the different tariffs apply for the services of both an adviser and a vehicle carrier. You can pay   the cost of services both in cash and by bank transfer.

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