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20% discount

Sign up for the service in advance and enjoy a 20% discount

To make the operating conditions of your car the best

Only use original Toyota parts that are manufactured, tested, and approved by Toyota. They ensure the highest quality standards.

                                         Toyota Comfort
Toyota Center Tegeta offers the services of a personal manager who, if necessary, ensures the delivery of the vehicle to Toyota Center Tegeta, the maintenance of the vehicle and the return of the vehicle in agreement with the customer. Toyota Comfort - Save time, repair your car without having to go to a service center.
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The following promotion is valid from May 3 to May 31 in Toyota Center Tegeta:

Individuals who register in advance to receive service at Toyota Center Tegeta will enjoy a 20% discount on any type of oil, filter and brake pads
Will also receive Toyota Comfort Unlimited service for 1 year as a gift
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